A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for July Rainbow Jam 2018.

Controls: WASD for movement, IJKL for shooting, enter to advance text, escape to quit when you win or die.

Note: I was planning to make this a twin-stick shooter, but controller support ended up being too much of a time sink and my limited game-jam time had to be spent elsewhere (like the crappy programmer-art :3). Keyboard only for now.


Rothgard and Orsellus were never taken seriously as a couple. Aristocratic mages and urchin thieves aren't supposed to fall in love. But that's what happened, and they're tired of the jokes and talking behind their backs, so they're going to impress everyone by venturing into the steaming, stinking goblin caves on summer solstice to reclaim a treasure looted by the same goblins a few years past.

If they can make to the end of the caves and defeat the goblin king Vargnath, they will earn the admiration and respect of the townspeople once and for all.


I have a few ideas about where to take this game, but I don't have any plans to continue work on it immediately.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run TheGoldenEggplant.exe.


the-golden-eggplant-win.zip 17 MB
Version 5 Jul 29, 2018

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